The construction industry has gone through rapid technological changes during the last 3 decades and the emphasis is chiefly on pre-engineered steel building. If you want a comparison, metal buildings have upper hands Vis-à-vis concrete buildings. Gone are the days of concrete structures, especially in industrial constructions and in its place are pre-engineered metal buildings, sometimes also known as steel buildings.

Advantages of Steel Structures over Concrete Structures

The concrete building is definitely at a disadvantage for many reasons: sand is getting hard to find and transport in bulk at low cost; cement prices are rising at astronomical rates, mining for blue metal is destroying the environment, and further concrete structures take a longer time to be built. These are but a few points and more you delve into the economics, you will be convinced that steel buildings have come to stay.

The advantages of steel structures over concrete structures are well established and there is little that we can argue in favour of the latter, but that is not the end of the story – it is more about PEB structure manufacture technological changes that are driving demand for steel buildings.

The Advantages of Pre-engineered Steel buildings

Constructing a steel building itself once used to be a time-consuming process wherein construction companies procured steel sections (“T”, “L”, “Z” for example) and then converted them into desired structures to raise a building based on drawings supplied by architects. It used to a tedious process that required welders, welding equipment and design engineers to be present during the construction stage at the site. There never was a standard procedure and every steel building used to be a custom-made structure. This too has changed for good with the arrival of pre-engineered building manufacturers with steel frame structures made in factories.

The advantages of steel frame construction are not difficult to understand. Here are a few advantages of going for pre-fabricated steel frame in place of on-site steel fabrication.

  1. Fabrication is done in a factory environment and the advantage is it is properly treated for preventing rust formation.
  2. Steel buildings have a longer life span compared with a similar building that made of concrete.
  3. Steel structures are stronger because they are a stronger weight for weight. This means you use less material.
  4. Dimensional detailing is precise. There is never a mismatch of elements such as brackets, sockets, and material types.
  5. Different elements can be tested for strength, reliability, and durability. Moreover, each element comes as a standard component making it easier to replace if the need arises.
  6. It is easy to transport to site and maintain the schedule. Project delays can be avoided.
  7. Structures are aesthetically appealing and the pre-inspection process can be accomplished in a systematic quality control process.
  8. Cost advantage – pre-engineered building manufacturers procure materials in bulk at cheaper prices that they pass on to consumers; overall it reduces the cost of construction.

Steel Building Applications

There is practically no dearth of applications where you cannot use steel structures. It is further flexible to combining it with concrete and even wood structures.

Popular uses for steel buildings include in the construction of:

  1. Factory sheds – it is resistant to fire and hazardous chemicals.
  2. Grain storage – it is easier to construct an expansive space without any supporting pillars. This means it is easier to move in and out material handling equipment that requires large ground space for maneuvering.
  3. Aviation industry – steel buildings are particularly preferred for hangar construction. Steel is more resistant to vibration.
  4. Large car-parking lot – car parking lots use it because of it because of the higher strength and the ability to carry more weight compared with concrete.

Ordering a Steel Building

Ordering a steel building is a comparatively easy process than a concrete building because you can do away with the services of an architect altogether. Most often pre-engineered building manufacturers have a pre-designed structure that you can see beforehand before ordering. It is advantages all the way.

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